In April 2007, Rogue Pressure Services expanded by adding another service line, flowtesting. Through its snubbing and hydraulic work over operations Rogue discovered the need for a more efficient flowtesting company.

The goals were simple. Rouge wanted to provide a better service while maintaining low costs throughout the completion process. Rogue also wanted to focus on green completions – proper management of well bore fluids releases.

With the objectives established, Rogue made the decision to purchase two flowtesting units. Soon afterward the company expanded their fleet by adding two more flowtesting units. Rogue's flowtesting service line is currently operating four units in Piceance Basin.

Keeping with tradition, all of the flowtesting equipment has been built to order. Rogue strives to build compact and efficient equipment; with only a 10x10 footprint, you will see the advantages.

Rogue flowtesting takes pride in safety. In over two years of field service there has not been a single recordable accident. The employees are  Rogue's most important assets. Preventing injuries and illnesses and protection of the environment are of such consequence that Rogue will provide all the facilities and support reasonably required to ensure success.

Service Features and Benefits

Rogue provides one supervisor and one assistant per shift. Working on rotational shifts, personnel can be relieved in 8 or 12 hour intervals. Keeping personnel fresh and alert is an integral part of maintaining our goals.

Rogue has been on the cutting edge when it comes to simultaneous operations. All service lines have experience working with each other as well as third party contractors. When working with so many different contractors, communication is imperative, and Rogue will show you exactly what this means.

Showing up ready to work is a requirement for Rogue personnel. On each unit you will find tools, connections, and fittings and just about everything else necessary to get the job going. Less down time means a more efficient flowtesting company, which is exactly what we strive for.

Snubbing is a method of installing or removing tubulars from a live well under pressure.

Typically an oil company must “kill” a well in order to perform operations on the well.  “Killing” a well requires the pumping of fluids into the well bore, essentially preventing formation fluids/gases from entering the well bore.  “Kill” fluids can be detrimental in many ways.  They are expensive, many times toxic, and possibly unfavorable to the environment and can cause damage to certain types of formations.  This possible damage to formations can cause loss of performance in the well’s future production.  Snubbing enables the oil companies to perform many tasks on the well without introducing these “kill” fluids.

Rogue Pressure Services utilizes a combination of state-of-the-art snubbing equipment and highly trained and certified personnel to perform multiple tasks in almost any situation.  Our equipment is capable of performing rig assist operations as well as stand-alone operations.

Rig assist snubbing equipment is designed to work in conjunction with work-over or drilling rigs.  Stand- alone snubbing equipment, as the name implies, can perform all of the necessary work required without any conventional work-over or drilling rigs.  This provides a smaller footprint, less personnel on location and a more economical method of well operations for the oil companies.

Rogue Pressure Services also utilizes SARA units, which can perform both rig-assist as well as limited stand-alone work.  We also have 280K, 4-leg ram-to-ram stand-alone units, which are capable of most down-hole operations and are powerful enough to snub or pull tubulars throughout the complete well bore.

Rogue Pressure Services has a specific advantage over its competitors in that their senior supervisors have extensive knowledge and training in well control and intervention techniques.  Rogues management and senior supervisors are experienced in many different ways of installing and removing bottom-hole assemblies.  When we are included in the well design process, we can assist an oil company in designing complicated bottom-hole assembly installation and removal.

Rogue Pressure Services is proud to acknowledge that we are able to perform in various extreme weather conditions.  We are capable of working in cold weather conditions up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and we can also perform all of our functions after dark with adequate lighting.

Simultaneous Operations or “Sym-Ops” are sometimes required when an oil company has multiple wells on one pad or location.  “Sym-Ops” enables the oil companies to perform multiple tasks on multiple wells at a given time.  Due to the close proximity of many of these pad wells, it can be advantageous to have equipment that requires a small footprint.  An oil company can be Drilling on one well, Perforating on another well, Fracturing on a third well, Well Testing/Flow-back on a fourth and HWO/Snubbing on yet another all being performed concurrently on the same location. 

Rogue Pressure Services has extensive experience in Sym-Ops.