Snubbing Unit #5

Rig 5 was acquired the at the end of last year to help expand our Colorado division into the Wyoming area. It was a refurbished rig in Canada that we put to use right away. 


Standalone and rig assist combined into one unit. The rig is probably the most versatile snubbing unit available today. Capable of rigging up as a rig assist, or with a gin pole as a standalone unit, this rig can find home anywhere.

One Lift System

This unit is a fully integrated piece of equipment. The gin pole and BOP stack are built into this unit, reducing the number of lifts requiring a crane, therefore reducing rig up time.

Smaller Foot Print

 Being fully integrated means less trailers to haul equipment on, therefore less clutter on your location.

Simultaneous OPS

The smaller overall size of this unit allows it to rig up in some very small places. Frequently this rig closely follows H&P Drilling Rigs on Multi-Well SIM OPS locations.

Fluid Pump

Every Rogue HWO Unit comes with a 350 HP Triplex pump, hoses tie-ins, and tools – again keeping costs down.Type your paragraph here.


120Klb Lift Capacity
60Klb Snub Capacity
12' Stroke Length
3 1/2 hydraulic power tongs with hyd. backups
Single 2500lb auxiliary winch

3000 psi hydraulic system pressure
Passive rotary table
Dual 5000psi API single gate BOP's
1.66"-5.5" tubing handling ability 

2 station 20 gallon primary accumulator system w/N2
20 gallon accumulator system w/N2 backup
7 1/16th" maximum through bore