4 leg/2 leg selectable
300,000 lbs lift force/168,000 lbs snub force
5000 psi Townsend annular BOP
Triple 5000 psi Townsend dual gate BOP's
3000 psi hydraulic system pressure

Rotary table capable of 3000+ ft/lbs of torque @ 145rpm
4 station 20 gal. primary accumulator system w/N2 backup
16' overall height
11.5' stroke length
30 gal. accumulator system w/N2 backup

8' usable BOP space
1.66"-5.5" tubing handling ability
4.5" hydraulic power tongs w/hyd. back ups
Dual 750 lb rated counterbalance winches
Single 2500 lb. rated auxiliary winch

Snubbing Unit #4

Rogue HWO Unit 4 or "The Pink Rig" is a state of the art hybrid standalone rig assist snubbing unit. The jack and BOP stack have been fully integrated into one piece.

After field testing several other HWO designs fairly extensively, Rogue decided to purchase an integrated standalone HWO unit as the newest addition to the fleet – named Unit 4. Not only does Rogue Unit 4 provide all of the desirable qualities of other standalone HWO units, similar to rogue Unit2, it also possesses a unique feature – its pink paint job.

Rogue made the decision to paint the HWO unit pink to help bring attention to breast cancer awareness. Besides, as Rogue Pressure Services says, "It takes a real man to work on a pink rig." Just about every single employee at Rogue Pressure Services, LLC is excited to see this unit in action.

This unit took delivery in January of 2009 and combines the technology and refined features from previous experience so you get one impressive HWO unit.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Together we can make a difference. Rogue Pressure Services, LLC invites you to "Rig Up Against Breast Cancer," an innovative and creative way to raise awareness and support for breast cancer research.

Rogue wanted to find a way to give back and reach out to the community. The idea was to paint an HWO unit pink and give a percentage of our profits raised by The Pink Rig to help fund breast cancer research.

Through the "Pink Rig" and our commitment to giving back - we've been honored to donate almost $50,000 in the last year to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The Pink Rig

As anyone can see, Rogue owns a pink HWO unit aptly named "The Pink Rig." The newest addition to Rogue's fleet the pink rig hopes to generate breast cancer awareness.

One Lift System

Rogue HWO Unit 4 is a fully integrated piece of equipment. The gin pole and BOP stack are built into this unit, reducing the number of lifts requiring a crane, therefore reducing rig up time.

Smaller Foot Print

Being fully integrated means less trailers to haul equipment on, therefore less clutter on your location.

Snubbing Power

Rogue Rig 4 packs a lot of power in a small package. With 150,000 lbs. of lift force and 84,000 lbs. of snub force, this unit can handle a variety of jobs.

Simultaneous OPS

The smaller overall size of this unit allows it to rig up in some very small places. Frequently this rig closely follows H&P Drilling Rigs on Multi-Well SIM OPS locations.

Fluid Pump

Every Rogue HWO Unit comes with a 350 HP Triplex pump, hoses tie-ins, and tools – again keeping costs down.