4 leg/2 leg selectable
300,000 lbs lift force/168,000 lbs snub force
5000 psi Townsend annular BOP
Triple 5000 psi Townsend dual gate BOP's
3000 psi hydraulic system pressure

Rotary table capable of 3000+ ft/lbs of torque @ 145rpm
4 station 20 gal. primary accumulator system w/N2 backup
16' overall height
11.5' stroke length
30 gal. accumulator system w/N2 backup

8' usable BOP space
1.66"-5.5" tubing handling ability
4.5" hydraulic power tongs w/hyd. back ups
Dual 750 lb rated counterbalance winches
Single 2500 lb. rated auxiliary winch

One Lift System

Rogue HWO Unit 2 is a fully integrated piece of equipment. The gin pole and BOP stack are built into this unit, reducing the number of lifts requiring a crane, therefore reducing rig up time.

Smaller Foot Print

Being fully integrated means less trailers to haul equipment on therefore less clutter on your location

Snubbing Power

Rogue Rig 2 packs a lot of power in a small package. With over 300,000 lbs. of lift force and 168,000 lbs. of snub force, this unit can handle a variety of jobs.Type your paragraph here.

Rogue HWO Unit 2 is a state of the art standalone snubbing unit. The jack and BOP stack have been fully integrated into one piece.

Rogue Pressure Services took delivery of Unit 2 in January 2008. Being the second unit in Rogue's fleet some design changes were in order. The largest focus of Unit 2 was the development of the one lift system. While a traditional HWO/snubbing unit takes a minimum of two crane lifts to rig up, and sometimes many more - this unit requires only one lift. By drastically reducing the number of crane lifts, HWO Unit 2 not only reduces time but reduces the potential for an incident.

The unit was put to work immediately and to date has completed in excess of 150 wells in Piceance Basin. Rogue HWO Unit 2 has worked over 500 days without a major breakdown - an impressive feat.

Rogue is excited to utilize HWO Unit 2 on your next project. The versatility is unsurpassed making the unit capable of nearly any snubbing or workover operation.

Snubbing Unit #2