All units represent the latest in advanced technology utilizing fully integrated compact configuration.


Compact, trailer-mounted, 1440 psi units, completely self contained, providing a very small footprint.

H.W.O./ Simultaneous Ops.

Crews and equipment trained and designed to closely follow drilling rigs.


Administrative Office:

8601 Derrick Ave
Williston ND 58801
Phone: (701) 609-5242
Fax: (701) 609-5245


Started as a snubbing company in 2006, Rogue Pressure Services has grown into a multi-faceted oilfield service company offering simultaneous ops & flowtesting as well as snubbing. Today, Rogue has been established as a leader, taking pride in industry leading technology combined with the most seasoned professionals in the field to redefine quality in service. 

From the beginning, Rogue has made it a priority to focus on what really counts - field performance. We are proud of our innovation, efficiency, equipment and teamwork. You can always contact Rogue at 605.718.8697.

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Rogue Pressure Services strives to provide high quality and value to our customers by utilizing state of the art equipment, a safe work environment for our employees, and a highly motivated work team. With these, integrity, a strong work ethic, and continual motivation for improvement; we are able to provide excellence in continued services to our employees, customer(s) and communities​

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