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While undergoing snubbing or workover operations, Rogue knows just how important it is to have a reliable pump on hand. Rogue includes a 10,000 psi well servicing pump as part of daily operations. With well control being so critical, Rogue opted for a simple, compact and bulletproof pump.

Everything on a Rogue well servicing pump means business. Outfitted with an 8.3L diesel engine, an automatic transmission and a heavy duty triplex pump, the entire package is ready for extreme duty. The equipment was placed on a compact yet rigid 3 runner skid with a pollution pan and tow bars providing mobility. With tow bars on each end, and due to the relatively small size, you can slide this pump in just about anywhere.


Cummins 8.3L diesel engine.
Allison 4spd transmission w/power shift & lock up.
Barrel counter & MD pressure gauge w/gauge saver.

Gardner Denver TEE triplex pump (10,000 psi)
4"x5" hydraulic centrifugal pump.

3 runner structural skid w/pollution pan & dual tow bars.
Control panel w/gauge pakcage & emergency kill.


All units represent the latest in advanced technology utilizing fully integrated compact configuration.


Compact, trailer-mounted, 1440 psi units, completely self contained, providing a very small footprint.

H.W.O./ Simultaneous Ops.

Crews and equipment trained and designed to closely follow drilling rigs.