Started as a snubbing company, Rogue has grown into a multi-faceted oilfield service company with the addition of flow testing & simultaneous ops. Today, Rogue Pressure Services is an established leader, taking pride in industry-leading technology combined with the most seasoned professionals in the field to redefine quality in service.

From the beginning, Rogue has made it a priority to focus on what counts: field performance. Extensive field experience determines what Rogue expects their equipment to handle. By working directly with equipment manufacturers, Rogue has been on the ground floor of many exciting and revolutionary industry innovations. Recently, taking a quick jack and making it smaller, lighter and faster than the competition's has helped Rogue show many customers what the next level of service really means. The entire fleet of snubbing units was built to order, providing customers with access to the most innovative technologies in the industry. All of our equipment for snubbing to flow testing has many time-saving and safety features which means less time spent on a job and faster production.

Keeping things lean - Rogue employs only necessary management personnel with years of field experience and follows suit by selecting some of the best field hands in the industry to help customers execute their more difficult tasks. Rogue's employees are the most important company assets. Preventing occupation injuries and illnesses and protection of the environment are of such consequence that management will provide all the facilities and support reasonably required to ensure success.